Immigration Lawyer Julia Herzog (Barrister & Solicitor, Attorney at Law) helps people travel, work, immigrate or gain citizenship from anywhere in the world to the United States or Canada. 




Waivers of Inadmissibility

We help prepare waivers of inadmissibility to the United States and temporary resident permits and rehabilitation applications to Canada.

Immigration through Employment or Family

We prepare visas for health care workers, start-up companies, entertainers, athletes, and professionals.  We also prepare sponsorship applications to help families stay together. 

Citizenship Claims and Expatriation

We navigate the complex area of citizenship using our expertise in multi-generational claims and our understanding of your rights as a citizen. 

Little Known Fact About U.S. and Canadian Citizenship…


There are folks who don’t realize that they have a legitimate claim to U.S. and Canadian citizenship, through previous generations. U.S. and Canadian citizenship is a complex process.  With a combination of astute legal sleuthing and genealogical research, our firm has real expertise in the area of citizenship claims.