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A Little Known Fact about U.S. Citizenship

There are folks who don't realize that they have a legitimate claim to U.S. citizenship, through previous generations. Since U.S. citizenship can be based on either biological parent or birth in the U.S. there are some cases where citizenship can be derived from someone who had grown up in another country. With a combination of astute legal sleuthing, and geneological research, our firm has real expertise in the area of citizenship claims.

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What People Say About Us

  • Peter G. - California

    Julia worked really hard and applied her perfectionist approach to all of her work for me that really paid off. Julia's advice was sound and I would recommend her to any professional looking for a move to the U.S.

  • Dana L. - Hawaii

    Julia helped my family find our way to green cards. Her ability with paperwork is astounding and she knows her stuff but at the same time showed us that she really cares. Julia, thank you for your help.

  • Lawrence B. - Canada

    After leaving the U.S. so many decades ago, I just wanted confirmation of my loss of U.S. nationality. Julia helped me to figure out what I needed to do to apply for this obscure paperwork. Anyone who is looking for a capable lawyer should consider Julia's intelligent, patient and compassionate help.

  • Sylvia M. - Florida

    I am a small business owner and never thought I'd be able to invest and open a business in a nice warm place in the U.S. Julia surprised me with her great business plan that was processed so quickly, amazing work Julia!
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