Julia Herzog 

Barrister & Solicitor, BC; Attorney at Law, NY



A citizen of both Canada and the United States, Julia Herzog (Barrister and Solicitor, BC; Attorney at Law, NY) benefits from both cultures.  Julia combines the “rely on your wits” approach from her New York City upbringing and the gentle lifestyle of her adopted Vancouver Island home to her practice of law.  A graduate of Cornell University and Osgoode Hall Law School, with a Masters in Library and Information Science in between, Julia has substantial research and legal skills.  Julia obtained a Master in Laws at the University of Victoria. 

Julia vigorously pursues and achieves solutions to her client’s immigration and citizenship challenges.  Julia is an active member of the Law Society of British Columbia and the New York State Bar.  She is also a longstanding member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

Julia enjoys advocating directly for individuals and owns a private practice in Canadian and United States Citizenship and Immigration law.  Julia has expertise helping clients navigate criminal inadmissibility to both Canada and the United States.  Julia’s criminal law background was forged as a provincial and federal crown prosecutor for Ontario and British Columbia. 

With multiple family members in health professions, Julia particularly enjoys assisting with J-1 waivers for physicians in the United States, or with the numerous Canadian immigration programs for health professionals.